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Simplified naturalization guide for Hungarian citizenship

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We are a growing online bookstore and publishing company. Our mission is to provide Hungarian language learners and teachers with high quality Hungarian language study materials, self study books and course books as well at different levels.
Our webshop provides learning materials including our Simplified Naturalisation Guide for Hungarian Citizenship. Check our books and start your Hungarian journey with us!

Our story

The Hungarian Language with Zsuzsi story begins with Zsuzsi. She has worked as a freelancer for 15 years. She made her Teaching Youtube Channel 8 years ago and she became famous by her videos and her unique entertaining teaching method.
Hungarian Lesson with Zsuzsi Language Centre and Consultancy became a language school. We are a team of qualified and experienced teachers and our lessons are entertaining, informative, and conversational. We are one of the first language institutes in Budapest specialised in teaching Hungarian as a foreign language. Apart from the books you can reach us if you need a quilifiled Hungarian language teacher. We work with a team of 15 experienced Hungarian teachers.

During Hungarian language teaching, we encountered difficulties such as the lack and availability of quality teaching materials on the market. Most of the course books at the current marker were written in the 90s or they are too difficult for beginners. So we decided to produce our own Hungarian books.

In 2023 we published our first book, Simplified Naturalisation Guide for Hungarian Citizenship. The purpose of this book is to make it easy and facilitate your preparation for your Simplified Hungarian Citizenship Journey. This book can be self-explanatory. It contains the most common interview questions, tips and cultural information in both languages in English and Hungarian. You can also find a thematic dictionary at the end of the book.

In 2024 we are planning to publish our very first Hungarian course book, which will contain our more than 15 years teaching experiences. Hungarian is a unique language and we are committed to teach it from our hearts. Our book is going to focus mainly on grammar, vocabulary and communication in order to teach the most relevant knowledge in Hungarian.

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